Do you present data as clearly as you can?

At NBR, we teach others to communicate data clearly.

Data can be confusing, misleading, and deceptive - or they can be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Principal of NBR, Naomi B. Robbins has dedicated her career to the clear communication of numbers for understanding data and decision-making purposes. Through seminars, keynotes, webinars and consulting, Naomi helps employees of organizations become stronger data-communicators. She teaches principles of effective graphs and graphical methods, customizing programs to make them relevant for her audience. Naomi speaks at conferences, large corporations, government agencies, professional societies, universities and non-profits in the U.S. and Worldwide. Contact Naomi to have her speak at your organization, or to arrange a public seminar in your area.

“Watching Naomi transform cluttered graphics into clean, illuminating charts was inspiring.”

Jason Sundram
Strata conference, Santa Clara

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Naomi Robbins was a regular contributor to Forbes Blog.

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