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“Creating More Effective Graphs book opened my eyes to a wide array of practical charting techniques not available in Excel. I was particularly interested in dot plots and trellis plots. Robbins’ book is where I first learned about the R, S, and S Plus statistical and graphics languages.”

-Kelly O’Day, Process Trends

“I finally got your book, and I rate it two thumbs up. Simple approaches, clear explanations, good examples.”

-Jon Peltier, Chandoo’s blog

As software vendors flood us with flashy dashboards and widgets for our BI projects, some of which clearly obscure information more than they illuminate, I started hunting for research documenting which methods of charting are the most effective. Naomi B. Robbins “Creating More Effective Graphs” presentation fits the bill (turns out the presentation is based on her book of the same name: Creating More Effective Graphs). Good stuff and exactly what I needed.